Employment Screening

We have performed over 1.9 million background checks in the last 10 years. It's been our goal to provide the most complete & best value screening solutions with the best customer service. We have dedicated ourselves to offer our clients and their employers excellent services that attend to each individual need. It has always been and will always be our aim in business to provide our clients with more than they ask for and extending our responsibilities to facilitate specific needs that demonstrate our open flexibility and eagerness to please them.

Promote a Safe and Productive Workplace with Continued Employee Screening.

In the world of business, employee recruitment and retention strategies are big steps that are often taken to give businesses a competitive edge in any sector. However, failing to do pre and post-employment screening can threaten this costing the company substantial amounts of money and a severed public image in the process.

Any prospective applicant can look good on paper and that is why it is so critical to "not judge a book by its cover". Impressive resumes, articulate speech and a seemingly flawless track record should not be the only factors that are taken into consideration when it comes to hiring a potential candidate. Businesses that fail to perform routine employee screening on a regular basis are opening their doors to catastrophic surprises in the future. At Simplescreening.com we know this and are conscious of the time and investments many businesses make to filter hundreds of resumes to locate the perfect candidate for their operations. We are conscious of the fact the businesses have to balance their vacancy needs to remain competitive, but at the same time safeguarding themselves from a ticking time bomb.  

Employee screening is an exhaustive process that requires time to arrive at an accurate conclusion about a potential employee. This is where we come in. We go the extra mile to ensure that any possible criminal records, fraud or deception are meticulously checked to ensure that you are given accurate information about employees you want to hire. Many businesses have adopted employee screening as a standard business procedure to avoid any possible employee problems that could arise in the future

Why Consider Employee Screening

Approximately 30% Applicants lie on resumes

Approximately 30% of failed business fail because of poor hiring proceedures.

Businesses that want to be a leader in their sector will not make the mistake of neglecting employee screening before and after hiring. The costs associated to such neglect are too high and the danger of a ruined business reputation is one road that does not lead back home.

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that 30% of businesses that fail across the United States are due to hiring procedures that were poorly handled. It also reveals that more than 5% of eventual candidates that become employees have a criminal record! This, however, can be avoided if the necessary time is taken to conduct employee screening to protect the business environment and reputation from problematic employees.

Many candidates take advantage of the fact that very few businesses take the necessary steps to confirm the information that is on their applications. As a result, many often lie Applicants will not reveal in their resume or at a job interview anything "negative" about their past that they believe could compromise their chances of getting the job. An employee’s past that has been stained with drug abuse, felony conviction, fraud and criminal convictions will not resurface unless proper screening practices are set in place. When you work alongside with our team, you will benefit from our years of expertise in the area of background screening (10 years plus and over 1.9 million applicants screened) and protect your business from overlooking damaging information.


Your Job Becomes Easier With Our Proven & Relentless Screening Procedures

We have to goals: (1) To make your job easier. (2) To make sure you know who you are hiring. Throughout the screening process we endeavor to provide our clients with information that can be used to make accurate hiring decisions. The 5% of candidates that have criminal records and eventually become employed to companies are potential land mines waiting to explode. We will ensure that every detail is uncovered and that convictions with careless driving, drunkenness and other type of immoral behavior punishable by law are brought to the light. This makes your job easier and you will be able to invest saved time on other areas in the business to get a foothold in your area.

Your Liability & Exposure goes further than just having to retrain and rehire a new employee.

Limit your exposure. Did you know that employers are held accountable for who they hire. The responsibility of carrying out employee screening is left on the job recruiter’s shoulder in many states. This is a great responsibility that in many cases is not carried out appropriately by business, due to lack of experience in the area and hundreds of distractions in business operations. Some businesses are more concerned about filling a vacancy quickly than in conducting extensive screening procedures to know more about who they are hiring.

When you leave employee screening in our hands you will be given control of who gets to walk through your doors and eventually bear the company’s image. You will also protect yourself from problematic employees and potential law suits and scandals that can ruin your company’s name and brand. Employee screening guarantees a safer work face for your staff and is your ticket to protecting your business.

We want to work with you

We take great pride in the number of businesses that we have helped in the past and would love the opportunity to assist you in making the right hiring decisions. Please take the time to carefully examine our screening solutions and see which is tailored for your business. When you are ready to make a decision we are only a call or e-mail away.