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Welcome to SimpleScreening.com, your primary source for quality employee screening, and tenant screening.

SimpleScreening.com is proud to offer a variety of screening solutions tailored to meet your employment and rental demands. Our goal is to provide you with Simple, Accurate, and Easy to read screening reports.

SimpleScreening.com offers reports online instantly!

Welcome to Simple Screening
  • Instant Credit Reports
  • Instant Eviction Searches
  • Instant Criminal Reports
  • Instant SSN Verification
  • Driving Records (24 - 72 hours)
  • On Site County Criminal Report (24 - 72 hours)
  • Employment Verification (24 - 72 hours)
  • Education Verification (1 - 72 hours)
  • Landlord Verification (1 - 72 hours)

SimpleScreening.com provides background checks: credit reports, criminal reports, landlord verifications, employment verifications, education verifications, eviction reports. We are nationwide provider of employment screening and tenant screening services. Our tenant screening and employment screening services provide clients with affordable and comprehensive screening solutions designed to safeguard their business / employers or property owners and landlords.

SimpleScreening.com offers the industry's fastest turnaround time with our Web-based tenant screening and employment screening solutions are available anytime from anywhere. Our background checks, credit reports, criminal reports, eviction reports are simple and easy to read. With our fast turn around time, this means you can verify your tenants and employees application and qualifications quickly and avoid losing them to another company or property.

With our tenant screening and employment screening services, you will always have access to credit reports, background checks, criminal records, and eviction reports that are internet-delivered in an easy to read format with secure password protection. SimpleScreening.com enables you to order and receive sensitive information regarding tenants and employee in a matter of seconds from any computer with a standard Internet connection.